Dental Splints

Eliminate the tension that causes headaches, neck pain and migraines

When you wake up do you suffer from any of the following …
  • Aching jaw joints?
  • Aching and sensitive teeth?
  • A stiff and painful neck?
  • Frequent toothache?
  • Morning headaches?
  • Difficulties or limitations opening your mouth?
  • Tension type headaches?
  • Migraine headaches?
If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms we may be able to help.
At Lawrence and Pinkerton we offer SCi (Sleep Clench inhibior) splints.  This simple and clinically proven device has already helped more than 1.75 million patients worldwide, without side effects and without the use of drugs.
The SCi is a small splint that fits just over your front teeth.  They work by preventing tooth grinding and clenching.  In preventing this unwanted muscle clenching we eliminate the tension that causes headaches, neck pain and migraines.
If you would like any further information please contact the practice.

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